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Westinghouse 50 Inch Tv Stand

The Westinghouse 50 inch tv Stand is first-class for watching your movies and tv shows on the go, it's sturdy and high-quality, top-of-the-heap for taking on the go.

Westinghouse 50 Inch Tv Wall Mount Screw Size

This is tv wall mount screw size: 50 inches, this is a screw type with a humanized notch design. It sizes to tailor most mobile tvs up to a size of 50 inches, it comes with a set of instructions how to place and use it. This Westinghouse tv Stand is a practical way for lovers who appreciate good aesthetics and high quality, it grants a mobile tv Stand cart floor Stand tv mount bracket w wheel and shelf for straightforward transport. Plus, its cart-based tv mount allows for and shelf attachment, you can also order the tv Stand with a built-in movie camera. The Westinghouse 50 inch tv Stand is a peerless way for tv owners who need to raise or lower their tv height without having to remove the tv and replace it, the Stand extends two adjustable legs that can be positioned in any direction, making it a top-of-the-line way for people who desiderate to adjust their tv watching position. The Stand also gives a dvd shelf on one end and a remote control switch on the other, the Westinghouse tv Stand is a best-in-class addition to your tv set-up. This Stand can be easily moved to different positions for watching your shows or movies, the sleek design is first-class for any setting.